Win32 Program to hide E-mail Addresses


MailHook is a Win32 program that removes e-mail addresses from outgoing e-mails. The name (if any) is retained and the address portion (<xxx@xxx>) is deleted. This means that the recipients are still listed but their addresses are kept private.

The address masking is applied to the To: and Cc: fields. There is an option to also mask the sender address in the From: field. For mail-outs where the sender expects no response this extra masking can be useful. For normal e-mails it might be a bit rude.

Normally this program hides its window and taskbar button. An icon is placed in the system tray. Clicking this icon will show/hide the main window and taskbar button. Right-clicking invokes a pop-up menu.

The download file is an Inno Setup file which provides standard install and uninstall practices. After installation, the SMTP server name must be loaded into MailHook using its File->Settings menu. Finally the SMTP server entry in your e-mail program must be changed to "" so MailHook can intercept your outgoing e-mails and filter the addresses.

For uninstallation, after using Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs you will have to change the SMTP server name in your e-mail program to its previous value.

The program development environment is Borland C++ Builder 3. Please contact me via e-mail (address below) if you want the source files or have any suggestions.

Download MailHook installer

Release 2011-03-25

Release 2011-04-08

Release 2011-04-14

Last Modified : 2011-04-14