Program to list E-mail on POP3 server


This program will list all your e-mail on the server and allow you to delete all unwanted posts (e.g. spam). Then you can run your normal e-mail program and download the rest.

This software consists of MailCheck.exe (the program) and its parameters file (MailCheck.ini). A log file (MailCheck.log) is created.

To install this software, the install file (see link below) must be downloaded and run. The installer will provide options to modify the default location and settings and then install the program and its default parameters file.

When you first run the program, select File->Edit Settings and enter the name for your POP3 server (e.g. mail.yourISP.com) and your username and password for e-mail access.

To run the program, start it via the start menu entry and press Enter (or use the menu) to start the retrieval. When the list of messages is displayed you can delete a message by scrolling to it using the arrow keys and then pressing the Delete key. When finished, press Esc to close the e-mail access. You must do this before running your normal e-mail program as the server will not allow multiple programs to access the mailbox concurrently.

Download E-mail check installer file (428kB) dated 2007-04-27

Release 2006-10-29

Previous version didn't always send a QUIT command when closing. Any POP3 session with message deletes must finish with QUIT or the deletes are ignored. MailCheck will now always send QUIT when closing a POP3 session.

Release 2007-04-27

Password now obscured in display and logs.

Last Modified : 2007-04-27