Fs4000 - Software for Canon FS4000US scanner


This software drives a Canon FS4000US scanner and can produce both thumbnail and scan files. It uses code written by Dave Burns. The download zip file contains the Win32 executables and required DLL's. The file should be unzipped to an empty directory and then ReadMe.txt viewed. The source files are included and covered by a GPL licence.

The software uses ASPI to access the scanner (SCSI connection) and will try to access a USB scanner via device access or using LibUSB if the LibUSB driver is installed. USB access is *slow* as the FS4000US only supports USB 1.1.

The GUI program (FsHost.exe) can tune the scanner (required for reasonable images), display a thumbnail, and scan frames to disk (24-bit TIFF output). Options include auto-exposure pass and positive/negative mode. This program provides a convenient interface to some of the capabilities of the console app.

The console mode program (Fs4000.exe) is being developed to produce quality scans of Kodachrome slides. This involves calibrating the scanner (using the TUNE function) and also manually specifying the exposure boost and individual colour boost. Output can be either 48-bit RGB (linear) or 24-bit RGB (gamma 2.2 with slope limiting).

Commands are specified by keywords in the command tail.
For example, to scan a slide :- Fs4000.exe TUNE AE OUT8 SCAN 1
TUNE = calibrate scanner
AE = determine and use optimum exposure settings
OUT8 = 24-bit output (gamma 2.2)
SCAN 1 = scan slide 1 and produce SCAN???.TIF file

The TUNE function sets the shutter duty cycle and analogue offset and gain for each colour. It then sets the black level adjust and white level gain for each sample point to improve the scan quality. This calibration data can be DUMPed to disk and LOADed in subsequent runs.

The THUMB function creates a 160dpi thumbnail scan file.

The SCAN <frame#> function creates a scan file of the specified frame.

Download FS4000US software zip file (614kB)

Last Modified : 2007-03-04