Windows 98SE IO.SYS and LBA partitions


Windows 98SE incorrectly registers LBA partitions in some cases. This causes phantom drives to appear in Explorer. The problem is caused by a bug in IO.SYS and occurs when an LBA partition occurs in a non-LBA extended partition or is the first drive encountered after processing a non-LBA extended partition. This bug is also present in the Windows ME IO.SYS.

The patched version of IO.SYS in the link below :-

The patched IO.SYS is based on the Microsoft W98SE file dated 2001-12-01.

The code changes are :-

The patch is also available for Windows ME. The ME IO.SYS is compressed so rather than changing the bytes in the file a stub has been added which modifies the code in memory once the file has been expanded.

The files were examined and changed using HIEW611 (excellent freeware).

To install this fix :-

Download patched W98SE IO.SYS zip file (164kB)

Download patched WinME IO.SYS zip file (107kB)

Last Modified : 2007-03-04