Win32 Program to Resize and Upload Image Files


Pickup is a Win32 program that will resize an image file and upload this copy to the server. This simplifies the task of creating image files for use in web pages. When a file is selected and the output width entered, Pickup will create a scaled copy and then upload it to the server.

Pickup is a GUI front-end that uses MakeJpeg.exe (supplied) to create the scaled copy and then Ftp.exe to upload this copy. Pickup contains a settings page where the run parameters (e.g. FTP entries) can be specified. Pickup also produces a screen log listing the output from the background programs.

When first run, the upload feature is disabled because the default settings do not specify a host computer name. To enable the upload facility File->Edit Settings must be selected and the FTP values then be entered. FTP entries are the Host Name, User Name, Password, and optionally the FTP path if you do not want the image files to be uploaded to the default directory.

The downloadable file here is an Inno Setup release containing the installation program and all the Pickup files. To install Pickup download and run this file and follow the prompts. This installation puts all files in a separate directory and the only registry change is an entry for the uninstaller.

Download Pickup installer

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